Pilgrimage around Bodhgaya

From Bodhgaya, there is a lot of Buddhist place you can visit. Among them, two are famous: Nalanda, the renowned historical Buddhist university, founded in the second century by Ashoka and totally destroyed by the Muslims at the end of the 13th century. The other one is Rajgir (two hours from Bodhgaya), where the Buddha taught the Prajnaparamitta and the famous Heart Sutra, the summarized enumeration of the key points of the Mahayana view.

To get there and organize a tour, you can contact the Kagyu Monlam Office in Bodhgaya or contact us directly.

In Bodhgaya itself, going around is very easy. There is plenty taxi and rickshaw you can hire. By foot it is also very convenient and the ground is flat.

After your trip in Bodhgaya, when the Kagyu Monlam is finish, If you need to go by taxi or private car to Patna or Benares, just contact the Kagyu Monlam Office. We will organize it for you.