Dear friends from all over the world:
We would like to invite all of you for a Walk of Gratitude on Saturday, 19th December 2015.

This is a march organised by SABA together with the Bodhi Tree School (Bodhgaya) and the students of the Magadh University, expressing our gratitude towards the country of India.

The walk will start at 12.30 at Karma Temple, where His Holiness Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje will give a speech. After arriving to the main gate of the Mahabodhi compound, His Holiness will join us.

India gave birth to Buddhism, to all the timeless knowledge that we have been practising throughout our lives. And from a Buddhist point of view not only in this life but over many lifetimes.

According to the prophecies of the Buddhas India has not only been the host for Buddhism in the past, in the present, but also in future eras as well.
As Buddhists, this march is a wonderful occassion to remember what India has given to us.

Please share this announcement with your friends, and join us for this walk. Thank you very much.